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I am Santa (makeover)

Nominee - Humorous Video of the Year

Cutler Salon

New York

The Biggest Make over of the Century !

Filmed by Dean Holcombe, Dave Gibson, Damien Massingham

Edit, Dean Holcombe

Special thanks to FatBoyHair 

Elf Will Ferrell 

Music Ramsey Lewis Trio. Christmas Blues

Tyson Kennedy, Andy Baldwin, Sara Gibson, Hunter Holcombe, Jacki Spillane,

The Brorillas

Nominee - Humorous Video of the Year

Ben Crase & James Mould

San Diego

Doll (short)

Nominee - Humorous Video of the Year

Howie Held

Los Angeles, CA

A creative film on hairdressing.

Debra 2

Nominee - Humorous Video of the Year

John McCormick

West Hollywood, Ca

The Muse returns.

Hair Story - The Struggle

Nominee - Humorous Video of the Year

Russell Mayes

Orange, CA

Rose visits Russell for the first time and tells him he can do anything he wants! The struggle is real.