La Fenice by Lukino Mantovani

Nominee - Even Further Video of the Year

Lukino Mantovani

London, UK

Avant-gardeˌ/avɒ̃ˈɡɑːd/ (from French: "advance guard" or "vanguard", literally "fore-guard") are people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.

The Avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo.

La Fenice is an Avant-garde short hair movie which aim to inspire, stimulate emotions and entertain.

La Fenice is discontentment translated into Art.

“I strive to unveil a new way of looking at hair Designing, bringing a new light.
Connecting the unconnected spaces between Hair, Art and Emotional Power.” Lukino Mantovani_

This project would have never happen without the tireless support of my Team led by Chiara Messineo;
Editor Dan Jobar, Andrew Dearden as Director of Photography, Claudia Moretti( Clamoretz) as Make Up Artist, Peter Gundry as Music Composer and of course my model Cassie Yishu Lin.

Tea Party

Nominee - Even Further Video of the Year

Aaron Johnson

Tulsa, Ok

Story/Haircut by Aaron Johnson
Shot/Edited by Tom Crawford
Models Da Leigh & Pepper Rose
Music "Degausser" by Brand New

The Cut - Session 1

Nominee - Even Further Video of the Year

Beau Bollinger

Dallas, TX

Hair: Beau Bollinger / Assisting: Carissa O'Brien / with Christie Smith / by Molly Dickson


Natural Texture (an exploration)

Nominee - Even Further Video of the Year

Douglas McCoy

Spokane, WA

Hair: Douglas McCoy for House Of POp using R+Co
Model: Michelle Robertson (SMG)
Clothing: Ronnie Ryno
Film and Edit: House Of POp
Music: Slippery Slope by The Do
House Of POp
227 W. Riverside Suite C.
Spokane Wa.
©2015 House Of POp

i am Anna

Nominee - Even Further Video of the Year

Dean Holcombe

New York, NY

Anna gets her hair fixed up by Greg at Cutler
Video by Dean Holcombe