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Over Direction & Disconnection tips for Modern Mens haircuts

Nominee - Coaching Video of the Year

Dusty Rhodē

Apple Valley, MN

Learn a few simple tips for creating disconnection, and proper execution of over-direction in modern mens hair.

ZGAT Academy by FEDERICO advanced

Nominee - Coaching Video of the Year

Adam Federico

Sacramento, CA

Ivana Spicer and Mario Mesaric of ZGAT academy visits Federico Advanced in Sacramento California as guest June 12-22 2015. We stepped out side the box in creating this creative haircutting/inspiration video at Track 7 brewery. 
Federico is Northern California's premiere education facility.

how to Stroke for shape by Ira Pope Sage

Nominee - Coaching Video of the Year

Ira Pope Sage

Henderson, NV

The secrets of how to stoke with out cutting your self all the time. By Ira Pope Sage.

HairVLog 5- Convertible Undercut

Nominee - Coaching Video of the Year

Russell Mayes

Orange, CA

In this Vlog I talk about the "grey" area, that difficult time between graduation beauty school and being able to make a living from working behind the chair. I also do a Convertible Undercut haircut.

If you want to get to the haircut first, go to about 5:50

F+F Q+A | 18 — Follow Up Calls, Salon Culture, Difficult Guests, and Theft

Nominee - Coaching Video of the Year

Benjamin Jay

 Chicago, IL

Tons of great questions in #FFQA 18. Systems, Culture, Difficult Guests, and unfortunately, Theft.

To make a reservation for our upcoming business class in Chicago on June 22, 2015, head to­epreneur at user promo code BIRTHDAY at checkout to save $50 on your tuition.
Q1 - 1:21 - Who is responsible for follow up calls and emails?
Q2 - 2:33 - How do you get through negativity once a manager leaves?
Q3 - 4:14 - How do you handle a difficult guest that wants to dictate the service?
Q4 - 6:22 - My scissors have gone missing. Now what do I do?